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Design a Day Challenge: Day 3

"cards", "design a day", "design", "stationery"Heidi4 Comments
My Design a Day Challenge is certainly underway and giving me plenty to work on. The whole idea of this challenge was to get myself out of a creative rut. Most definitely easier said than done! I sat down at my table to work on some cards when I noticed a super fantastic color combination right in front of me-- aqua, yellow, and gray. The inspiration for these note cards just literally fell into my lap! So I decided to make these flat note cards with a mish-mash of the supplies that happened to be out. An aqua button, gray satin ribbon, some white baker's twine, and some yellow and gray patterned paper were made into a crafty yet stylishly simple header for some flat white linen note cards. Paired with light gray linen envelopes, these may be some of my favorites at the moment! (See, I told you I always call things my new fave!) Hope you like these just as much as I do!

What creative inspiration have you had fall into your lap lately?
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