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We have finally finished our kitchen! We have lived in our row house for going on six years, and in that time, we completely revamped our patio space, renovated our half bath, styled our bedroom, made our roof deck into an outdoor lounge, and have now finished our kitchen. I'll share photos of the kitchen once I'm able to take some good shots. And perhaps I should give a home tour one of these days.

However, with another project under our belts, I'm ready to move on to the next room. Currently, our next plan is to paint our master bath. We have already swapped out light fixtures and hardware and would eventually like to redo the tile, but that's a bit more intense of a project. With that in mind, my focus starts to head toward our living room. So instead of making a decision about what to tackle next, I find myself browsing all things that are for living and family rooms.

For starters, we're in desperate need of coffee tables for both the living room AND the basement. Our living room coffee table is not even a table and it's the single most hated piece of furniture in our house by both me AND Andrew. I like the look of this marble topped coffee table to carry over the marble backspash from our kitchen into the living space.

Our cat happens to be a major turd and loves to use our cozy chairs in the living room as scratching posts. We've tried just about everything to get him to stop short of declawing him, which is not an option in my book. That being said, I'm dealing with the crappy looking chairs for now, but I've been keeping these chairs in the back of my head for when I'm ready to save for new ones. They still are large enough to curl up in, but they don't have fabric arms.

We've been looking for dimmer lighting in the evenings that doesn't require us to use our rather bright recessed lighting. Using one light instead of many make a room feel more intimate and would save energy as well. Floor lamps seems like an ideal way of doing this while also adding some extra style to the room. I nearly purchased this handmade one for Andrew for Christmas, but wanted his second opinion. He approves and it's on our list of items to purchase. The shade in the photo doesn't come with, but we'll likely opt for one that is a bit wider and shorter with less detailing.

 Tripod Floor Lamp

Tripod Floor Lamp

Right now, we have very limited shelving. By nature, row houses usually have a completely open floor plan. Because of the bump out from the wall where our half bath is located, there's a space that is the perfect size for a bookcase. Again, I love the idea of bringing similar elements from the kitchen into the living room for a more cohesive look, so I've got my eye on this industrial/rustic modern piece.

Our current ceiling fan is much too traditional for our tastes. When we swapped out some of our bathroom light fixtures, we also discussed swapping out the ceiling fans as well. Ceiling fans are a must have for any Baltimore home due to the hot summers and wonderfully long and warm spring and fall seasons, and we love the modern look of this one.

Lastly, about two years ago, we finally decided to pitch a rug that we'd received as a hand me down from my aunt. It really wasn't our style and it made the living room so dark. Our only regret is that without an area rug, the floors are incredibly cold in the winter. We'd been eyeing this rug from Crate and Barrel for quite some time with the intention of it being our replacement. However, very recently Andrew's mom purchased the same rug for her new living room set. Now we're trying to decide-- stick with our choice, or go with something else? Regardless, we still enjoy looking at it for inspiration.

For now, we'll stick to painting our bathroom next, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have a vision in mind for the direction I'd eventually like to go with the rest of our row house. As you can see, we love warm wood tones and clean lines, probably a product of Andrew's architectural influences.

Have you been working on any new home projects lately?





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