Paint it Peach

Lately I've had the itch to entirely redo some of the rooms in our house. We still need to put in new flooring as part of our basement renovation, I'd love to completely remodel our master bath, and we are in desperate need of a new backsplash in our kitchen, which is what we had said would be the first thing to change when we moved in. Four years later, we still have a black backsplash, and we haven't even painted our master bath.

However, home projects start to get expensive, and after spending most of our summer finishing our patio remodel, a new bathroom and flooring don't seem to be part of the plan in the immediate future. As a darker season creeps in, I am beginning to become more and more irritated with how dark our kitchen feels. Currently, it is a bright and rich salmon/coral color on the paintable walls, exposed brick on another wall, and a cream with a hint of nutmeg color for the doors and trim. The colors are warm and inviting, but have been that way for 4.5 years now, and I'm ready for a change.

Most of our kitchen utensils, pots and pans, and other such accessories are turquoise, which is a great compliment with the current wall color. However, I think I'd like to lighten it up a bit. We're big fans of color and don't like white walls, so I've started looking at some light peach options that would compliment the turquoise theme and could be brightened with whiter trim and doors.

Here's a look as some of the fun spaces I've stumbled across that have incorporated peach while searching for some inspiration.



Peach geometric wall


weathered wood living room peach


What colors are you drawn to when you want to brighten up a room? Do you repaint your rooms often when you're inspired to make a change? What other light colors do you think would compliment our turquoise accents well?

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